Department of Surgery

Department of Surgery

Dr. Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital department of surgery mission is to: To provide territory care at base level, to provide outstanding quality clinical care that is cost effective, yet compassionate and to make significant advances in scientific knowledge and clinical practice through basic and clinical research.

Our surgeons are on the forefront of new techniques to improve patient care. From newborns to adolescents, from trauma care to laparoscopic surgery- our general surgeons provide the full range of state of the art, world- class surgical care. They have completed rigorous training and specialty fellowships, and many are renowned experienced in their respective fields.

General Surgeries

Dr. Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital Department of Surgery is one of the most innovative, multifaceted academic surgery departments in this region featuring leading-edge treatments of complex medical conditions and comprehensive health care.

In addition, Surgical Super specialties like Urology, Pediatric Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Minimal accesses surgery are being done.