Privacy Policy

Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital is committed to respecting the privacy of every personal who shares information or data with Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital. Your privacy protection is important to us and we strive to take due care and protection of the information, we receive from you, the User. In this regard, we adhere to the various governing laws such as:

  • The Information Technology Act, 2000 – Section 43A.
  • The Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011.

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to the collection, storage, processing, disclosure and transfer of your Personal Information (defined below) as per the above mentioned laws, particularly when you use the website of https://www. (“Website”) operated by Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital for any information or services (“Services”).

The terms ‘You’ or ‘Your’ refer to you as the User (registered or unregistered) of the Website and/or Services and the terms ‘We’, ‘Us” and ‘Our’ refer to Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital.


This Privacy Policy is distributed in consistence with, inter alia: i. Segment 43A of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

  • Regulation 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011 (the "SPI Rules").
  • Regulation 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011.

This Privacy Policy expresses the accompanying:

  • The kind of data gathered from the Users, including touchy individual information or data.
  • The reason, means and methods of use of such data.
  • How and to whom we will uncover such data.


By and large, a portion of the Services expects us to know your identity with the goal that we can best address your issues. When you get to the Services, we may ask you to intentionally give us certain data that by and by recognizes you or could be utilized to actually distinguish you.

Without bias to the simplification of the above, data gathered by us from you may incorporate (however isn't constrained to) the accompanying:

  • Contact information, (for example, your email address and telephone number).
  • Statistic information, (for example, your sexual orientation, your date of birth and your stick code).
  • Information in regards to your utilization of the administrations and history of the arrangements and different exchanges made by or with you using Services.
  • Wellbeing or restorative information, (for example, your past medical history and conditions, demonstrative reports, solutions and drug history).
  • Protection information, (for example, your protection bearer and protection plan).
  • Other data that you deliberately give to us, (for example, data shared by you with us through messages or letters, your work points of interest, your family subtle elements).

The data gathered from you by Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital may comprise 'individual data' or 'touchy individual information or data' under the SPI Rules.

Individual data is characterized under the SPI Rules to mean any data that identifies with a characteristic individual, which, either specifically or in a roundabout way, in mix with other data accessible or prone to be accessible with a body corporate, is fit for recognizing such individual. The SPI Rules additionally characterize "touchy individual information or data" of a man to mean individual data about that individual identifying with: passwords; monetary data, for example, ledgers, credit and charge card points of interest or other installment instrument subtle elements; physical, physiological and psychological well-being condition; sexual introduction; therapeutic records and history; biometric data; data got by body corporate under legal contract or something else.

Visitors information as given at the time of registration or thereafter.

Call information records.

Data that is uninhibitedly accessible in the general population space or open under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or some other law won't be viewed as close to home data or delicate individual information or data.


  • A state of every User's utilization of and access to the Services is their acknowledgment of the Terms of Use, which additionally includes acknowledgment of the terms of this Privacy Policy. Any User that does not concur with any arrangements of the same has the choice to stop the Services given by Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital promptly.
  • All the data gave to us by a User, including touchy individual data, is willful. You comprehend that Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital, either itself or with its Partners, may utilize certain data of yours, which has been assigned as 'touchy individual information or data' under the SPI Rules, (a) to provide you the Services, (b) for business purposes and in an amassed or non-by and by identifiable frame for inquire about, measurable investigation and business insight purposes, for (c) available to be purchased or exchange of such research, factual or knowledge information in a collected or non-actually identifiable shape to our Partners. Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital likewise maintains all authority to utilize data given by or about the User for the accompanying purposes:

Distributing such data on the Website.

Reaching Users for offering new items or administrations.

Reaching Users for taking item and Service input.

Examining programming utilization designs for enhancing item outline and utility.

Examining anonymized data for business utilize.

You, therefore, agree to such utilization of such data by Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital Accumulation of data which has been assigned as 'touchy individual information or data' under the SPI Rules requires your express assent. By attesting your consent to this Privacy Policy, you give your agree to such accumulation as required under pertinent law. Our Services might be inaccessible to you in the occasion such assent isn't given.

You are in charge of keeping up the precision of the data you submit to us, for example, your contact data gave as a component of record enlistment. On the off chance that your own data transforms, you may revise, erase errors, or alter data by rolling out the improvement. We will attempt great confidence endeavors to roll out asked for improvements in our then dynamic databases when sensibly practicable. On the off chance that you give any data that is false, wrong, obsolete or fragmented (or winds up false, incorrect, outdated or deficient), or Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital has sensible grounds to presume that the data given by you is false, mistaken, outdated or inadequate, Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital may, at its sole circumspection, stop the arrangement of the Services to you.

Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital may require the User to pay with a Visa, platinum card, net saving money or other online installment instruments for Services for which an amount(s) is/are payable. Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital will gather such User's charge card number and additionally other budgetary foundation data, for example, financial balance numbers and will utilize that data for the charging and installment forms, including however not constrained to the utilization and revelation of such Visa number and data to outsiders as important to finish such charging task. Confirmation of credit data, in any case, is expert exclusively by the User through the validation procedure offered by an outsider installment portal. Client's MasterCard /platinum card subtle elements are executed upon secure destinations of affirmed installment doors which are carefully under encryption, along these lines giving the most astounding conceivable level of care according to current innovation. Client is exhorted, in any case, that web innovation isn't full verification safe and User should practice circumspection on utilizing the same.

Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital considers your entitlement to security important and other than as particularly expressed in this security Policy, will just uncover your own data in the occasion it is required to do as such by law, administer, control, law implementation office, legislative official, lawful expert or comparable prerequisites or when Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital, in its sole carefulness, esteems it vital keeping in mind the end goal to ensure its rights or the privileges of others, to anticipate damage to people or property, to battle misrepresentation and credit hazard, or to authorize or apply the Terms of Use.

Examining programming utilization designs for enhancing item outline and utility.Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital may likewise reveal or exchange End-Users' own and other data a User gives, to an outsider as a feature of revamping or an offer of the advantages of a Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital division or organization. Any outsider to which Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital exchanges or pitches its advantages for will have the privilege to keep on using the individual and other data that Users give to us, as per the Terms of Use.

To the degree important to furnish Users with the Services, Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital may give their own data to outsider contractual workers who take a shot at sake of or with Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital to give Users such Services, to enable Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital to speak with Users or to keep up the Website or App. For the most part these contractual workers don't have any free ideal to share this data, anyway certain temporary workers who give benefits on the Website, including the suppliers of online correspondences administrations, will have rights to utilize and unveil the individual data gathered regarding the arrangement of these Services as per their own particular security approaches.


No touchy individual information or data is consequently gathered by Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital from any easygoing guests of this site, who are simply scrutinizing the site.

Nevertheless, specific arrangements of this Privacy Policy are relevant to even such easygoing guests, and such easygoing guests are likewise required to peruse and comprehend the protection explanations set out in this, coming up short which they are required to leave the Website quickly. On the off chance that you, as an easygoing guest, have perused any page of this Website preceding perusing the protection articulations set out in this, and you don't concur with them, regularly stopping the program should usually clear any impermanent treats introduced by Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital. We, nonetheless, urge you to utilize the "reasonable treats" usefulness of your programs to guarantee such clearing/cancellation, as Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital can't ensure, anticipate or accommodate the conduct of the hardware of the considerable number of guests of the Website.


Your Personal Information is kept up by Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital in electronic frame on its or its workers and Partners gear. Such data may likewise be changed over to physical shape now and again. We play it safe to ensure your own data both on the web and disconnected, and actualize sensible security practices and measures including certain administrative, specialized, operational and physical security control estimates that are similar as for the data being gathered and the idea of Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital matter of fact.

No executive at Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital will know about your secret word. It is imperative for you to ensure against unapproved access to your secret key, your PC and your cell phone or gadget. Make sure to log off from the Website when wrapped up. Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital doesn't embrace any obligation for any unapproved utilization of your record and secret word.

Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital makes all User data available to its workers just on a need-to-know premise.

Some portion of the usefulness of the Services is helping the patients, clients and different partners (like doctors, labs, drug stores, client mind officials and others) to get to data identifying with them. Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital may, along these lines, hold and present every such record to the applicable patients, their specialists or different partners.

Despite the above, Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital isn't in charge of the secrecy, security or circulation of your own data by our Partners and outsiders outside the extent of our concurrence with such Partners and outsiders. Further, Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital and its Partners will not be in charge of any breach of security or for any activities of any outsiders or occasions that are past the sensible control of Dr Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital including, demonstrations of government, PC hacking, unapproved access to PC information and capacity gadget, PC crashes, break of security and encryption, low quality of Internet administration or telephone utility of the User and so on.